ASJ Residual Current Relay’s Application in Maldives’ Row Houses Around the Islands
ASJ Residual Current Relay’s Application in Maldives’ Row Houses Around the Islands
ASJ Residual Current Relay’s Application in Maldives’ Row Houses Around the Islands
Jul 8, 2021

Abstract: Ground fault protection for electrical circuits, equipment and electrical fire accidents caused by ground fault currents are increasingly becoming a daily necessity. For the main energy-consuming nodes on the user side, a residual current relay is designed and installed to monitor the residual current status of each energy-using circuit in real time. Through real-time monitoring of energy use and related power parameters, the safety, reliability and maintenance efficiency of energy use are improved, the labor cost of maintenance is reduced, and the unattended monitoring of residual current is realized. Through the real-time monitoring of energy use, data collection and alarm, the residual current in the power distribution system is monitored, and the ground fault protection of the user's electrical circuit is provided to prevent fire accidents and personal electric shock accidents caused by residual current. Here is a brief introduction to the application of our company's ASJ residual current relay in the water terrace house project around the island Maldives.

0. Project Overview

The water townhouses around the island in the Maldives are mainly used to receive tourists from all over the world. The application site frequency is 50 Hz and the voltage is 220V TT or TN system power distribution lines. The customer hopes to monitor the residual current of the line by installing a residual current relay in the distribution cabinet of the water row house, and hopes that the ratio of the real-time monitored residual current value to the set residual current value can be displayed on the display panel, when the ratio reaches 80%, the residual current relay can alarm immediately. Acrel ASJ10-LD1A cooperates with the residual current transformer, Successfully solved the customer's on-site residual current monitoring needs.

1. ASJ Series Residual Current Relay

ASJ series current action relays can be combined with low-voltage power supplies or low-voltage contactor to form a combined power supply current protection, mainly used for AC 50Hz, voltage and below TT400V devices and TN system piping, in addition to ground fault protection for electrical circuits to prevent ground faults. Common equipment damages and electrical failures caused by this can also prevent the danger of personal electric shock and provide direct contact protection.

ASJ series sanitary current relays integrate line over-voltage and under-voltage protection functions and automatic additional functions for normal voltage. The product is small in size, high in precision, flexible in structure and easy to install. It is a safety protection device in the field of civil construction.

2. Model Description

Technical features

technical parameter


Type AC

Type A


Rated residual action current I△n


0.03、0.05、0.1、0.3、0.5、1、3、5、10、30(A) note 3

Non-driving time of limitation △t


0、0.06、0.1、0.2、0.3、0.5、0.8、1、4、10(s) note 4

Rated residual non-action current I△no



performance characteristics

simple sinusoidal alternating current

simple sinusoidal alternating current and pulsating direct current




action error

-20% ~ -10%I△n

-20% ~ -10%I△n


output mode

one is the normal closing and the other is for the transformation

one is the normal closing or opening, and the other is for the transformation

contact capacity

5A 250VAC 5A 30VDC

AL1: 8A 250VAC  5A 30VDC

AL2: 6A 250VAC  5A 30VDC

reset mode

the on-the-spot one and the long-distance one,

the on-the-spot one, the long-distance one and the automatic one

power supply

voltage range


(permissible error±10%)


(permissible error±10%)

power dissipation


power frequency withstand voltage

The effective value of alternating current between the power supply, input and output: 2kV/1min

under the normal operation


operating temperature: -20℃ ~ +55℃

storage temperature: -30℃ ~ +70℃


≤95%RH, with moisture condensation, and corrosive gas place

height above sea level


class of pollution

Grade three

installation category

Type Ⅲ

Note 3: ASJ10L-LD1A rated residual action current I N is 10mA-30A continuously adjustable;

Note 4: ASJ10L-LD1A limit non-driving Time N is 0-10S continuously adjustable.

Types of Products

Note 1: The function of setting for relay means that you can set the initialization and the output of the relay by yourself, which is acted by the dial switch on the panel; the specific setting guide can be found from the table 5.

Note 2: Optional function C: RTU Communication RS485, Model ASJ10L-LD1A/C

3. Model Selection of Residual Current Relay

4. Installation Picture

5. Summary

ASJ series residual current relay has a very high performance-price ratio. As an advanced intelligent and digital residual current monitoring instrument, the residual current relay has been widely used in the incoming line or single-phase or three-phase of the household sub-box of civil buildings. Electric equipment in the power distribution line.


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