Shanghai Acrel Co., Ltd. was set up


Jiangsu Acrel Electrical Manufacturing Co., LTD. registered in Jiangyin in2007, the first production base was built with 10000 square meters,a production line of power meter with lead free process was also built.


Becomethe member of low voltage electrical branch 

Become a member of China Software Industry Association

Become the Member of Shanghai Electrical Engineering Design and Research Association

Acr-x20e, an embedded multipoweracquisition system, won the annual excellent software award.


Drafting unit of national industry standard " low voltage motor protector"

Drafting unit of national standard "installation type digital electrical measuring instrument"

Drafting unit of national standard" low voltage complete reactive power compensation device"

Shanghai Patent Work cultivates Enterprises

Member of electronic control and distribution equipment branch

PZ programmable intelligent electric meter and its control management system have obtained the certificate of Shanghai torch plan project

ACR320E network power meter won Shanghai key new product certificate

ARD3 intelligent motor protector won Shanghai key new product certificate

ACE-x20e embedded multi power acquisition system won the certificate of Shanghai high tech achievements transformation project

ACR-x20e embedded multi power acquisition system won the Shanghai Science and technology achievement certificate

ACR-x20e embedded multi power acquisition system won the second prize of Shanghai Jiading District Science and Technology Progress Award


Brand enterprise

Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification

Member of relay protection and automation equipment branch

ACR320E network power instrument obtained the national key new product certificate

The programmable digital display intelligent table (PZ96-AI3KC) has obtained the certificate of new products in Shanghai

Acrel network power meter won Shanghai brand product certificate

AMC series multi circuit monitoring device has obtained the IEC international standard standard acquisition certificate

ACR series network power instruments have obtained IEC international standard standard acquisition certificate

Arc multi function network power meter won the first prize of Shanghai excellent invention competition

The project of intelligent multi loop monitoring device has won the most important deal of Shanghai Youth Scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship achievements

CL series digital display electric measuring instrument won the invention and creation patent award of Jiading District, Shanghai

Products shortlisted for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening and closing ceremony


The company has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise

Jiading district level enterprise technology center

Set up Jiangyin ankerei Electric Instrument Research Institute

Shanghai Star software company

ARTU intelligent monitoring and distribution multi loop four remote control device won the certificate of Shanghai Torch Program

AMC16-3E3 / K multi loop monitoring device obtained Shanghai key new product certificate

ARD3 intelligent motor protector obtained high tech product certification

ARTU measurement and control unit obtained high tech product certification

ACR3l-2000 intelligent power distribution monitoring system won the Shanghai excellent software product in 2008

Won the excellent product award of Beijing 2008 Olympic project

Opening and closing ceremonies of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games


The company completed the joint-stock reform and changed its name to ShanghaiAcrel Co., Ltd. 

The company was recognized by software enterprises

Famous trademark of Shanghai

Shanghai equipment manufacturing industry and independent innovation brand of high tech industry

Member units of Shanghai Software Association

Jiangsu Acrel is recognized as a high tech enterprise

The R & D and industrialization of reactive power hybrid compensation controller based on electric measuring instrument has obtained the project certificate of Shanghai torch plan

Artu four remote units (renewable energy wind power generation monitoring device) won the Shanghai key new product certificate

The design and application of PZ programmable intelligent meter monitoring power to realize the dry rotation prevention of magnetic pump won the excellent invention award of Shanghai excellent invention selection competition

ASD switch setting, CL meter, AKH currenttransformer and ARC power factor compensator are included in the national joint design and Selection products of 24kV (20kV)box type substation

The products are shortlisted for the new project of Shanghai World Expo Museum


Shanghai Patent Demonstration Enterprise

DDSF1352 single electronic multi rate watt hour meter won Shanghai key new product certificate

DTSF1352 three four wire electronic multi rate watt hour meter obtained high tech product certification

ACR220EL power instrument obtains the quality credible product promotion certificate

In 2010, the products were shortlisted as the recommended products of Guangdong construction electrical appliances for the Asian Games

ACREL-3000 10kV and below power transformation and Distribution Monitoring System Management Software v1.0 won excellent energy saving products

ARCM100,ARCM300,ACR220EL, ACM and other series of products have been selected into China building standard atlas 10CX504: power supply monitoring system for fire fighting equipment


Key enterprises of Shanghai smart grid industry

National Torch Program

Main drafters of national standard "test, measurement and monitoring equipment for electrical safety protection measures of low voltage distribution systems below 1000V AC and 1500V DC part 12: performance measurement and monitoring device (PMD)"

2011 China's annual innovative software enterprise

Intelligent power monitoring instrument won Shanghai famous brand product

Gold Award of Shanghai excellent invention selection competition for electric energy terminal metering instrument and system

ACREL-3000 10kV and below power transformation and Distribution Monitoring System Management Software v1.0 won the 2011 China Annual innovation software product


On January 13, the company registered on GEM with code 300286,

Title of innovative enterprise

Jiangsu Acrel set up test center


Changed its name to Acrel Co., Ltd.

Software enterprise certification

Won the third prize of Shanghai Science and technology award

Shanghai top 100 private science and technology enterprises

Shanghai Star Software Enterprise


Observecontract and pay attention to Credit Grade AAA

JiangsuAcrel set up Jiangsu postgraduate workstation


Top 10 economic operation enterprises in Shanghai Instrument Industry

Key city demonstration project of energy saving reconstruction of public buildings in Shanghai

Famous trademark of Shanghai

JiangsuAcrel testing center is certified by CNAS


Shanghai famous brand

KNX certification of intelligent lighting


Passed ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system certification

Passed ISO 14001 environmental management system certification

Private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province

Get Jiangyin City professional, proficient, special, innovative small giant enterprise

Acrel set up energy saving control branch


Three level enterprise certificate of safety production standardization

Registration certificate of customs declaration unit of the people's Republic of China

Passed ISO27001 information security management system certification

Pass the fire product certification


Harmonious labor relations enterprises in Shanghai

Shanghai certified enterprise technology center

Top 100 private manufacturing enterprises in Shanghai

Acrel microgrid Research Institute was registered in Jiangyin

The product is applied to the power quality management system of the main stadium of the 7th military games


China environmental protection product certification

Jiangsu electronics application demonstration enterprise

Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center

Provincial four star cloud enterprise

Won the bid of Jiangsu Province pollution enterprise power condition monitoring terminal procurement project,ATC’s African tower data acquisition project,Alibaba Yintai department store three pass and one close monitoring and merchant energy payment optimization project, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and winter Paralympic Games Zhangjiakou Olympic village construction project power management system,etc.


Level 2 of Acrel power information system construction and service capacity

Level 3 of Acrel electric information system safety protection

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