Application of Acrel Branch Circuit Power Meter in Ghana Data Center
Application of Acrel Branch Circuit Power Meter in Ghana Data Center
Application of Acrel Branch Circuit Power Meter in Ghana Data Center
Aug 7, 2021

Abstract: Data center is a place that gathering a large number of servers, storage equipment, network equipment and supporting UPS, precision air conditioning and other IT equipment, is to realize the centralized processing, storage, transmission, exchange and centralized management of data and information service platform.

Data center power supply quality directly affects the safe operation of the IT equipment, thus the data center column header tank outlet and inlet line of power supply monitoring is very important, in addition, as the global of available energy and reduced energy costs rise, how much more economic and efficient use of energy has become a duty-bound responsibility related enterprises.

0.Project overview

According to the requirements of data center arraycabinet for monitoring device, our company designed AMC16-FAK48 data center monitoring device to realize the electrical parameters of multiple outgoing lines and the switch state of incoming and outgoing lines to achieve comprehensive monitoring.

Maxitechis the data center System solution provider inGhana. The customer has two cabinets with 20 outlet loops to be monitored, and 10-20 loops will be added later, so the customer chooses AMC16Z-FAK, which can monitor 48 outlet loops at the same time. The customer's measured current is 100A, so our AKH-0.66W-12N transformer is used together.


2.Technical Features

3.Network Topology

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With the rapid development of data centers, the problem of energy consumption in data centers is becoming more and more prominent. Energy management and power supply and distribution design of data centers have become hot issues. Efficient and reliable data center power distribution system scheme is an effective way to improve the power use efficiency of data centers and reduce the energy consumption of equipment.

To realize the energy saving of the data center, you will first need to achieve precise monitoring of each power load, the load circuit and data center very much, the traditional measuring meters can meet the cost, size, installation, construction and other aspects of requirements, so you need to use applies to data center centralized monitoring requirement of multi loop monitoring device.

The AMC16M is specially designed for array cabinet in data center. The application of this kind of product has been studied in depth, and it is superior to other schemes in terms of function, performance, availability and economy.


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