Application of Acrel ACR10R Series with AWT100-4G Gateway in PV inverters in India
Application of Acrel ACR10R Series with AWT100-4G Gateway in PV inverters in India
Application of Acrel ACR10R Series with AWT100-4G Gateway in PV inverters in India
Aug 27, 2021

Abstract: Solar energy is a rapidly growing energy source in the world and the most easily available renewable energy source. The market share of the use of solar energy to transmit electricity to the grid is still growing. At the same time, grid companies usually require the photovoltaic grid-connected system to be an irreversible power generation system, that is, the electricity generated by the photovoltaic grid-connected system is consumed by the local load. It is self-generated and used. In the grid-connected power generation and energy storage system, with the external environment is constantly changing, in order to prevent the photovoltaic grid-connected system from generating reverse power, the system needs to perform reverse current detection, and regulate the power generation of the system by real-time monitoring of the power signal on the low-voltage outlet side of the distribution transformer power, so as to achieve the anti-backflow function of the photovoltaic grid-connected system. This article introduces the application of ACREL ACR10R and AWT100-4G in a pump industry in India.

1.Project Overview

Indian customers plan to produce inverters by themselves. They need inverters and energy meters for government tender. They need ACR10R to monitor the electricity consumption of the plant equipment and use electricity meters to detect the energy consumption of each device effectively. AWT100-4G use MQTT protocol to connect the platform.

2.Technical Parameters




3 phase 4 wire LCD display


measuring range

AC 57.7V/100V(100V)、220V/380V(400V)

power consumption



Max current


power consumption




Measuring Parameters

Current, voltage, frequency and power factor

active power, reactive power and apparent power

four quadrant energy


reactive energy: Class 1; current, voltage: Class 0.5

Power supply

AC85-265V or DC100-350V; DC24V(±10%); DC48V(±10%) power consumption≤10VA

Relay output

2 NO contact, capacity: AC 250V/3A, DC 30V/3A


working temperature


storage temperature


Relative humidity temperature





RS485, Modbus-RTU

3.Wiring & Installation

Figure 1 Meter Shape and installing size (unit:mm)

Figure 2   Wiring Graph

4.Network Topology

5.Installation Site

6.In Conclusion

ACR10R it has a variety of peripheral interface for user to choose: with RS485 communication interface, MODBUS-RTU protocol can meet the needs of communication network management; the function of “ remote signal” and “ remote control” of circuit breaker switch can be realized with switch quantity input and relay output. The interfaces with switch input and relay output can realize the remote signaling and remote control of the circuit breaker switch. It is very suitable for real-time power monitoring system with an LCD display and the panel buttons to realize the setting and control of parameters for PV inverter system.


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