AKH-0.66/K-φ Split Core Current Transformer

● Low Voltage Split Core CT Current Transformer

Aperture: 24mm, 36mm, 50mm

● Accuracy: Class 0.5 / Class 1

Hot selling type: AKH-0.66 K-24 / AKH-0.66 K-36

Small size, high accuracy, strong load capacity, easy installation

● Suitable for electricity renovation project, cable use

● UL Certified

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Current Transformer (CT) is used to transform the high AC current to small easily manageable values. They are connected with the panel meter or relay and they can help to measure the current or protect the equipment.

The appearance is nice and the installation and wiring are convenient. AKH-0.66/K-Φ series split core CTs open type current transformers are mainly used in reconstructing projects of urban and rural power grids. Product has the advantages of small size, high accuracy, strong load capacity, easy installation, etc. They save the manpower, material resources and financial resources and improve the efficiency of users.

Split core type current transformers can be easily installed onto an existing power system without disconnecting the measured primary conductor. Customers will benefit from reduced labour intensity, lowered operating costs and improved work efficiency by using high mobility or space-constrained or uninterrupted power systems.


● Security factor: FS<5

● Maximum system voltage: 720V AC

● Test voltage: 3kV AC(1min)

● Rated frequency: 50/60Hz

● Rated short-time thermal current: Ith=40~60In

● Rated dynamic current: Idyn=2.5Ith

● Rated secondary current: X/5A (X/1A upon request)

● Rated primary current: Ranging up to 6000A

● Continuous overload: 120%In

● Protection level: IP30

● Casing: Non-flammable, polycarbonate self-extinguishing ABS

● Environment: Operating temperature: -25℃-+50℃

● Storage temperature: -40℃-+80℃
● Humidity (no condensation) ≤90%RH




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Item Value
Place of Origin China
Brand Name Acrel
Model Number AKH-0.66/K-φ
Usage Current
Phase Single
Coil Structure TOROIDAL
Product name AKH-0.66/K-φ Series Current Transformer
Certification CE, ISO9001
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Security factor FS<5
Continuous overload 120%In
Environment Operating temperature -25℃-+50℃
Test voltage 3kV AC(1min)
Maximum system voltage 720V AC
Rated short-time thermal current Ith=40~60In
Protection level IP30
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