DTSD1352-4S Base Station AC Multi Circuit Energy Meter

● Rated Current: AC250A, 100A

● Rated Voltage: 3x220V/380V AC (3P4W)

● Measure up to 4 circuit 3 phase

● Measure all electric parameters

● RS485 interface Modbus-RTU communication

● LCD Display; 35mm DIN Rail Installation
● Work with RJ45 port External Split core CTs

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DTSD1352-4S series DIN-rail type multi-circuit power meter is mainly used for the full electric parameter measurement of multiple circuits, and can be connected to the current input of 4 three-phase circuits or 12 single-phase circuits at the same time. It can measure parameters such as voltage and current, power, power factor, phase angle, unbalance, and harmonics.

Front Panel

LCD Display



Typical Connection

Auxiliary Power
AC/DC 85~265V; power consumption≤10VA;
Input Signal
Rated value: AC 3×220V/380V;
Overload: 1.2 times rated value (continuous); 2 times rated value/1 second;
Power consumption: ≤ 0.5VA (each channel);
Rated value: Secondary input rated current: 50mA
Overload: 1.2 times rated value (continuous); 10 times rated value/1 second;
Power consumption: ≤ 0.5VA (each channel)
Measurement Accuracy
Frequency: 0.05Hz, voltage and current: Class 0.5 active energy: Class 1,
reactive energy: Class 2; 2nd to 31st harmonic accuracy: ±1%;
Pulse output
Output method: optocoupler pulse with open collector, the pulse constant defaults to 400imp/kWh (and active open input can only be either-or.);
RS485 interface, Modbus-RTU protocol; baud rate 1200~38400;
Switch Input
2 channel or 4 channel passive dry contact input, built-in power supply;
2 channel active wet node input (AC220V), identify the oil generator and mains access (and pulse output can only be either-or.);
Switch Output
Output method: relay normally open contact output; Contact rating: AC 250V/3A DC 30V/3A;

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